Unbelievable Photo Of Fish Raining From The Sky Occurs In The Lluvia De Peces Mythology In Honduras


Mysterious Fish Raining In Yoro, Honduras


Yoro, Honduras, is publicly acknowledged for its coffee, minerals and textile industry but is widely famous for its mysterious yearly rain of silver fishes.

Honduras, located in Central America, is a country that has a hot and tropical Climate. Yoro is one of the cities among the 18 departments in Honduras. This city is very well known for its phenomenon called Iluvia de peces or rain of fish. This is where fishes fall from the sky after heavy rain or in such intense conditions that no one dares to go outside.


Beliefs behind strang fish rain Yoro:


According to the belief of the locals, during the 1850s or 1860s, Father Jose Manuel Subirana, a Spanish Father, visited Yoro, a city in Honduras, and was deeply moved when he learned about the starving locals. He constantly prayed for 3 days and 3 nights and adjured God to provide food to the locals, and as an answer to his prayers, fish started to pour from the sky just like water does when it rains. This was the first occurrence of the Phenomenon of Rain of Fish or Iluvia de pesces.

Surprisingly, according to the current locals, the Rain of fish is not just a mythological story but is very existent and still occurs at least once a year. This phenomenon occurs in early spring or in the month of May and June. As per the locals, this event not only occurs once a year but sometimes happens up to four times a year.


Mysterious fish rain becoming food source:

This happens after a devastating storm, and once the storm passes, all the locals go out to gather the fishes that are to be found on the streets. Astonishingly these fishes are not from Yoro’s local waterways origin. Every year a celebration is held in Yoro to honour the wonder of fishes falling from the sky (Iluvia de peces). Locals of Yoro are still very poor, and for some of them, Iluvia de peces is the only chance of them having fresh seafood.

Nobody is sure if this phenomenon is an outcome of a scientific or religious act, but for the locals, it is indeed a miracle, and they consider this to be a blessing as it comes from the sky. Locals of Yoro are still very poor, and for some of them, Iluvia de peces is the only chance of them having fresh seafood.

Iluvia de peces is one of those miracles/phenomena where science has not been able to provide genuine reasons. In every explanation, there is uncertainty. No matter what the actual reason might Iluvia de peces will always be celebrated by Yoro’s locals.



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