Unusual Women Proved That Nothing Can Stop Them From Being Beautiful And Confident.

unusual Beauty
unusual Beauty

Beauty does not mean having fair skin and perfect body shape. Beauty lies in being the best version of yourself. The real definition of unusual beauty is well portrayed by these following artists. These models have been changing society and the idea of beauty through their looks. What makes them so different from others is their idea of originality. Each one of them is so different from others in their looks as well as in their attitude. They don’t fall in the same category. Because of their bold looks and their uniqueness, they are popular all over the world.

Let’s have a look at some of these beauty icons.

1. Casey Legler:


This French woman was the first one to start her career as a male model. She signed a contract with a company for the advertisement for men’s clothing. She is 188 cm and her short hair with a sharp chin really makes her look like a young man.

2. Lolita:

Everyone around the world admires her look and her confidence. This incredible charcoal beauty has some sharp features and is an extremely fine model that is also known as Black Hannah Montana.

3. Moffy:

Officially known as Kate Moss. She is famous because of her squint, and it is her pearl.

4. Diandra Forrest:

She is a very unique green-eyed African – American girl. Albinism is a very rare phenomenon and is very much appreciated in the industry.

5. Viktoria Modesta:

This singer and model had suffered from 15 operations on her leg, on the day she was born. The leg had to remove soon, so she was technically born with one leg but she didn’t let this stop her.

6. Erica Irwin:

Erica Irwin, a 35-year-old Canadian model is considered to be the tallest model in the industry. By god’s grace, she is blessed with a height of 205 cm.

7. Masha Tyelna:

This model from Ukraine has beautiful large eyes. She is often referred as ‘alien’ or a ‘beautiful elf’.

8. Carmen Dell’ Orefice:

This model has already reached at the age of 84 but still she looks so beautiful and stunning. She is photographed for most of the popular magazines and catwalks.

9. Jamie Brewer:

She is a popularly known model and worldwide famous actress with down syndrome.

10. Denise Bidot:

This Peurto-Rican model is one of the most beautiful and most stunning plus size models. she has set an example for all the ladies who are heavier than 55 kg. she is just 28 years old.




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