Video Elephant Poo Explodes In Vet’s fасe As He Helps Solve Animal’s Constipation


The elephant relieves himself on his vet.


Being a vet is a profession where doctors meet cute animals regularly. Still, their job is as tricky as any human anatomy doctor. Vets help animals feel relieved and safe, like other doctors treating humans.


One such case was seen in an Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is an elephant named Nana; she was suffering from severe constipation issues. Constipation does not sound like a severe disease, but it was for this mammal. It would have become life-treating if a vet weren’t sent to treat her.


How was the elephant helped in the end:


Dr Tom was assigned the job of helping the elephant. Upon arrival, Dr Tom tried to help the elephant by removing a large amount of anal waste trapped inside the elephant’s anus. He successfully removed the anal residue, and we are sure it must have given Nana much-needed relief. 


But what happened next was not satisfying for Dr Tom. Removal of anal residue opened the urinary tract blockage, and a massive amount of urine was gushed out. The force of urine was strong, and it splashed directly at Dr Tom’s face.


People’s reaction to the incident:


This video went viral on Instagram, getting more than 45,000 views and various comments. People commented that the doctor must have had a very rough day and felt very dirty after that. But, people were happier about the elephant, Nana, as she must feel tremendous relief after the treatment.


One person said that the doctor had a rough day, followed by a happy note for the elephant as her life was saved and out of danger. Another person called the video funny and described the elephant as beautiful, showing their happiness for the elephant. Another person appreciated the dedication of the doctor. Though the comments showed appreciation for the doctor, the people were more attracted by the funny incident. People must have been curious about the doctor’s reaction to this.

Later it was confirmed by Samui Elephant Sanctuary that Nana has been feeling better since then. In the end, what matters is that the doctor saved Nana, though he might have had to take a long bath.



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