Viral Video: Horse Goes Out Of Control, Stomps On Guests During Wedding Ceremony


Horse Out of Control, Jumped on People


As we all know, Uttar Pradesh is a state in India that is always famous for different things related to anything. Some TV channels have also covered a viral videos on Instagram and other social media platforms. In this video, we can see that there was a wedding in which the Horse was bought.

As this was a wedding ceremony, all the people were dancing and enjoying the in this wedding ceremony. As they were dancing to the loud music, the little Horse, also called a wedding horse, went out of control due to the loud noise of the sound system. This incident was recorded in the Maudaha, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Hamirpur, India.


As there were many people in the wedding ceremony and had a massive sound system and all the people were dancing and enjoying themselves a lot, this Horse could not hold his control due to this loud noise and ran from there by jumping on the people.

Effect on the People:


A couple of people were injured in this incident. Deepanshu Kabra, an IPS officer in that area, shared this shocking video on his Twitter handle in which we can see that the Horse jumps and tries to get reed off from that place.

This Horse kicked a lot of people while escaping from that place. As the Horse stepped on the people, many started running from that place. It was a panic situation for the people over there.


People’s Reaction to this video:


This is not the first time this type of incident has occurred. There are many such videos on social media of this format in which we can see that the Horse loses control and something unexpected happens.

After the IPS officer posted this video on Twitter, it went viral, and some users commented on this post. One of them said, “For how long will the poor animal tolerate their drama. These people are uneducated”. Another user commented, “They only want to act smart and show off.”


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