Walmart Announces Cashier Of The Week And People Started Sharing Hilarious Stories About Her.

Walmart cashier
Walmart cashier

Well we all want to get appreciated for all the hard work we do and few secretly dreams that the whole world hears about their awesomeness and creativity. Something similar happened to an employee of the Walmart last week. Sam Reynolds, a cashier at the Walmart was announced as the cashier of the week.

The news spread all over the internet and people started posting out of the context and fun stories about why Sam deserved to get the title. Scroll down and read some of the over amazing and out of the box stories which made Sam look like a super girl.

When she was announced as the cashier of the week, no body thought that this would be the response they will get back.

She is not only a cashier at Walmart but she also works as a cosmetologist at great clips. She got a huge amount of attention online. Streator Walmart’s post got over 74k likes, 147k shares and an amazing 164k comments.

In an interview she said, ‘ I don’t know how to feel or react, this happened for no reason but i think its cool. I have no time to read all the comments’.

After she was famous all over the internet, some fans wanted to meet her personally. Some of them had to leave disappointed after knowing that she does not spend all her time at Walmart. However, when she use to come back, people from different town used to come to meet her and take pictures with her. what’s more, the store kept getting calls for Sam.

Here People posted some of the funny and over the top stories about the cashier that sounded like some scene of a super hero movie.


She also added that it brings her more fame all the time when people visits her at the salon where she is working as a cosmetologist.

According to her, she and her colleagues work as a team and they support each other through all the time, we are like a team and everyone was like Go Sam. Get this.


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