Watch Crazy Reunion of Wild Horse With His Girlfriend After Years Apart


Family is everything. Even in animals too, nothing is above family. The bonds that these wild animals form are so pure and beautiful that they instantly recognize each other even after staying apart for so long.

There’s this horse named phoenix, who was separated from his family and belonged to a breed that was captured and mistreated. Even after getting separated from his family, this young soul kept a special place for his family in his heart all along

Skydog Ranch is a community that provides unconditional love and forever home to wild breeds and burros who have ended in horrible situations, be it at the kill pens, the auction, or even at their own homes. When they heard about the phoenix story, they were determined to rescue him.

After a year of struggle, the ranch finally adopted phoenix. However, he was leaving without the love of his life, a glossy white mare. The owners at the sanctuary decided to keep phoenix’s safety as the priority while they continue to search for his mare.

Now it was the time for the phoenix to settle down in his new home and enjoy the freedom and love he always wanted and deserved. The Sanctuary volunteers opened the door and phoenix started running out. He was experiencing the beauty of nature, the trees, the grass for the very first time. That was really an emotional moment for everyone in the sanctuary. They did a great job. They gave him his freedom back.

But even after getting so much freedom and love from the volunteers, there was something that was definitely striking his head. “I always felt like there was a bit of loss with him because when he jumped the fence, he could have just run away, but he stopped and looked back for his family”. Clare said.

Seems like his hope never died and the urge to get reunited with them finally came true. After a few years, the sanctuary received a picture of a white horse who was in desperate need of shelter. Clare and the other volunteers put the two photos side-by-side and it turned out that this horse was in fact Phoenix’s mare.

Volunteers named her the horse Ghost and instantly arranged a shelter for her homecoming. The minute they opened the gate, Phoenix witnessed a ghost coming into his field and he quickly rushed toward her.

To everyone’s surprise, both the horses instantly recognized each other even after staying apart for so long. From that day, Phoenix’s life got changed. He is now full of confidence and strength, all of his sadness quickly disappeared.

Thanks to the Skydog sanctuary for providing them the home they always wanted and never losing hope. Now the couple can live the rest of their lives together happily.



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