Watch Giant Lizard Escapes Gogs By Climbing On Electric Poles


A lizard’s failed attempt to escape

The homeowner, Sumit Yaemubon, who lives in the Mueang area, was walking around his house fence when he noticed a giant lizard sitting nearby. Summit was scared of what would happen if it entered his house, so as a cautious attempt, he chased the lizard away. The lizard ran away from there. A few soi dogs began tracking it. The lizard climbed up an electric pole in the neighborhood to save itself.

This commotion got the attention of the neighbors, and they started to think of a way to get the lizard and send it away. Since the lizard had climbed an electric pole, there was a big risk to its own life as well as the electric supply of the area. A power cut would be a big problem for everyone. Even more of a problem if the lizard dies of an electric shock.

The lizard was huge and scaly. It has a long tail which is the same length as its body. Getting the lizard down is risky, and anyone could get hurt. Either the lizard can bite them, or they can suffer from an electric shock.

How and by whom was the lizard saved?

Then, Sumit sends out two people who would rescue the lizard from the pole and get down safely. These two men climbed up a ladder and reached the lizard. They tied a rope to close the lizard’s mouth shut for their and everyone else’s safety. This might sound simple, but it was far from that.

What happened to the lizard after being saved?

After getting the lizard down through a motorcycle, it was taken away from the neighborhood and far away from humans. It was a place where there was very little human population. The lizard must have been happy about the place as soi dogs would no longer attack him.



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