When a man frees a chained horse, He gets a thank you for a lifetime.



A wild horse whose legs were chained and it was causing damage to his ski and even hurting him, and he was in serious need of help that’s when veterinarian olvidio Rosu had found him also the horse seemed quite depressed, he was unable to run around freely in fact not even move. Though it is common to chain horses in Romania, that sight was unbearable



Olvidiu Rosu, who worked with four paws, then got his tools to go to work and break the chains without causing any harm to the horse.


His personality lit up when he finally was able to release the horse by breaking the chains. The horse luckily was not trapped there for very long, so the vet was able to cure his skin, and he was totally fine.


 The horse showed all his gratitude to Olvidio Rosu for helping him and taking care of him. The horse was a great sport when the man tried to release him.


 Also, it is so pleasing to eyes to see the horse enjoy his newfound freedom.

  We also have a video for you in that case where you can see the horse overjoyed along with the man, and we must also understand to help animals and also people in need.


You can see the video down below-



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