You go first! No you go first! horses seem so scared of a bunny.


Nature is full of strange things. Whenever we thought that this could not happen, we suddenly saw such types of work happening. For example, horses are one of the best pet animals after dogs. This is because the horses have almost the same emotional feelings as humans. Still, the difference is that the humans are greedy and need many things, especially money, and the horses need only their own time.



Sometimes, animals teach us life lessons, like in the viral video shows. In this video, you can see that there are two horses, and they are waiting, but for what reasons.

 The region where there is a rabbit is also sitting on the road. If there were any humans, then he or they would disturb the rabbit and cross the road, but the horses wait for the rabbit to leave the road.



This is a normal video, but if you see it with the eye of humanities, you realize that this is not a simple video. In today’s life, when there is no time for talking to anyone, the horses wait a long time just because a rabbit is chilling on the road.


This shows how animals are going greater than humans in humanity. And this is not only a video. You can get a lot of examples of this. 



Now the question is that if a horse can wait, why should we not. The simplest answer is that the horses are innocent of the world. They only have an emotional attachment to everything around their life. You can see that many horses love to play with their master while some of them are happy when they are with their family. 



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